Have ever download movie on Loadedbaze Media and the video seem not playing or playing but audio is been mute while playing?, if that is your problem we have a quick solution for you.

Some of our movies and videos is been encoded using the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC aka. H.265) as against the very popular Advanced Video Coding (AVC or H.264). HEVC is the successor to AVC and as such it'll take some time to gain support across various devices. But currently many Smart TVs already support it (look out for the supported codecs in the product specs sheet).

Almost all devices out there right now, phones, computers, televisions and other video playing devices support H.264, but only a few support H.265 and some only get to play our movies as an audio because they only support the encoder used for the audio (AAC).

List Of Apps To Use To Play Video



Why Can't I Download Some Old Movies?

We are aware you want the best from us and we know we cant provide all you want at once but will promise you best of users experience, if by any chance you where unable to download a particular movie due to error 404 [ content not found ], or you wish to request for movie please click here to request for movie uploaded on Loadedbaze Media.

Why Movie Is Been Deleted Manually?

Files cant stay forever on our platform, we delete old movies with low count of download every month to push up more exciting movie up, that is we delete one to replace another, if users are not able able to download thier desire movie, please do request again and it will be reuploaded within 24hours.

Written: 2019-Mar-21; Read: 2633 times