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Movie : Fragrant Sword - Full Movie Wu Tang

Fast Video Fragrant Sword - Full

Director. Chan Lit Ban
Cast: Law Gi Seung, Kong Man Sing, Tina Ti Na, Simon Yuen, Lui Kui On, Yam Yin, Sammo Hung (brief uncredited appearance)

Yu Lap-chung has been executed for the murders of martial alliance members when the black-clad assailant to blame is still roaming free. Apprehended by the murder threats to the helmsman of Emei and Xueshan, Golden-clad Ambassador of the alliance solicits help from the security escort master Wai To, Yu in disguise spared from execution by his master who had a rapist stand in his place. The fake scholar ingratiates himself with Ai Ching-yee, daughter of the Mulberry Pillar Fortress helmsman Ai Pak-chuen and exposes the fathers conspiracy with his sworn brother to rule the martial world by dispatching Ching-yees senior disciple Sze-hung Ying to commit atrocities against the martial alliance. Yu cajoles Ching-yee into assisting in Sze-hungs capture and with the culprit handed over to the alliance, the young lovers wander away.

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