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Movie : Fearless Duo - Full Movie Wu Tang Collection

Fast Video Fearless Duo - Full

Directors: Joseph Kuo, Fong Chiung
Cast: Yuen Chu, Hwang Jang Lee, Lau Ga-Yung, Yuen Qiu

Yuen Chu & Yuen Qiu, star as two sisters whose family is slayed by the merciless Ghost Leg Killer (Hwang Jang Lee). They change their names and go into hiding to perfect their kung fu techniques. Meanwhile, a happy go lucky wanderer by the name of Ah Sam (Lau Ga-Yung) is in search of a martial arts master to teach him the art of kung fu. Ah Sam and the two sisters paths eventually cross and the trio along with their master must face off against the ‘Ghost Leg Killer and his cohorts.

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